<bgsound src="midi/ghostbusters.mid" loop="10"> Double Headed Eagle is our Hero! Freedom Bagle! COX FOREVER! .PUN! Do I look photogenic enough in this new image? I have to be on TV everyday! Forza Nazi GuardBuster! I definitely have BETTER tits than him right? Vote For Me! Make Love Not war! (oh by the way I AM NOT GONNA HAVE SEX WITH GEORGE DUBYA BECAUSE HE HAS A HUGE LOG IN HIS EYE!) Hmmm Salame in a HotDog Bun and Ketchup and Mustard! hmmmm yummy! HeeHa! Even Italian President likes it! What is his name? Ahhhhhhhhh, whatever his name is! Heeeeeeeeee, it is so itchy down there, heeeeeeeeee!